Online Privacy and Legal Statement

Legal statement

意大利加拿大学院(“CCI”)尽一切努力确保网站上的信息是准确和最新的. The material on all CCI website is provided for information purposes only. 如因阁下依赖CCI网站上的资料而引致任何损害,CCI概不负责.

All online content (including text, photos, graphics/images, logos, video and audio files) published on is owned by CCI, along with online content posted on other website managed by CCI. 您可以查看和/或下载内容,仅供您个人非商业用途. The content may not be otherwise copied, modified, re-published, broadcast or distributed without the permission of CCI. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. CCI may change or remove web content at any time without notice.

Clicking on certain links within (或由CCI管理的其他网站)会将您带入不受CCI控制和维护的网站. CCI不以任何方式对该等网站的内容、安全或保障负责.

CCI只在自愿提供的情况下收集能够识别您身份的信息. We use this information in accordance with our privacy statement. CCI reserves the right to make changes at any time to its website. CCI may change this statement at any time.

Privacy statement

CCI is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. When you, as a parent, student, member of our alumni or other individual, provide personal information to the school (such as your name, address and telephone number), 它与CCI共享,包括招生办公室用于交流.

CCI continuously strives to strengthen the CCI community by connecting students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends with CCI and with one another. 为大学注册而收集的个人信息将用于邀请永利皇宫登录网址的选民参加活动, 通知他们参与的机会,并分发出版物,让永利皇宫登录网址的社区了解情况. In addition, the school solicits the financial and
volunteer support of its many constituents worldwide.

Entering personal information

When you visit CCI’s website, 您可以通过在线注册向永利皇宫登录网址提供您的个人信息,以获得更多永利皇宫登录网址的信息, for an event, a program, an application, alumni activity or mailing list (as examples). Consequently, we may store information such as your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and other data that you provided, either electronically or in physical files. CCI makes every effort to ensure this information is stored securely. 它被保护,以防止未经授权的使用和访问这些信息仅限于CCI社区的授权成员. Under no circumstances is your information rented, sold or traded to any organization or others outside CCI. However, 在永利皇宫登录网址认为有必要遵守法律的情况下,永利皇宫登录网址可能会酌情发布您的信息, legal investigation or court order; or to protect the physical safety of our community members and College.

CCI’s online portals for parents, students, faculty and staff

CCI maintains private, 有密码保护的在线区域,如供CCI社区(包括教师)专用的门户网站, staff, parents and students. CCI社区的成员应遵守适当的CCI政策,并被要求对任何信息保密, materials or knowledge to which they are privy. 社区成员不得以任何理由或获得任何形式的利益使用/传播/分享任何这类信息.

当信用卡或其他订购资料经互联网提供给CCI时, CCI protects and secures this information by employing commercially customary
web-based security and encryption protocols.

Admissions Office

CCI’s fundraising, alumni relations, 通讯和捐赠服务项目都是促进办公室的一部分. The Admissions Office keeps records of names, addresses and telephone numbers, 以及其他公开的或通过与CCI员工互动提供的个人信息, volunteers and community members. 您有权根据要求查看您的晋升办公室文件-晋升办公室需要提前24小时通知,以确保晋升办公室主任可以亲自和您一起查看您的文件
to address any questions or concerns.

所有个人信息的数字来源都存储在有密码保护的平台中, accessed by authorized members of the CCI community. 先进办公室的信息存储在一个机密数据库和安全的文件,位于永利皇宫登录网址的多伦多办公室现场.

在任何情况下,这些信息都不得出租、出售或提供给任何外部组织. 只有CCI社区的授权成员才能访问此信息, 包括按照永利皇宫登录网址的隐私标准接受过信息处理培训的志愿者,以及签署过保密协议的志愿者. Third parties who act on behalf of CCI, such as mailing houses, are required to adhere to these privacy standards.

CCI社区成员可以在CCI网站的密码保护区域内访问机密信息, portals or online communities. Users are expected to keep confidential the information, materials and knowledge to which they have access. No information or data within any area of CCI’s website, portals or online communities may be transmitted, resold or used for any commercial purpose or gain of any kind, and are for use for College-related purposes only. CCI有权暂停任何违反本政策的人的在线访问或特权.

CCI’s alumni community

CCI校友在线社区的目的是促进和支持校友之间以及学院和校友之间的积极关系, as well as connecting alumni and students in meaningful and purposeful ways. CCI校友在线社区由招生办公室与CCI校友在线交流委员会协商维护. 在线交流委员会和招生办公室不断寻找机会来加强在线社区. CCI cannot assume responsibility for information entered in
the Online Community by individuals.

Acceptable Use: The CCI Alumni Online Community is for official use of CCI and its alumni, 以及所列成员之间具有个人性质的个人通信. 严禁将此在线社区用于任何其他目的,并直接侵犯版权及构成对公司财产的盗用, including but not limited to: reproducing and storing information, textual or graphic, contained in the Online Community in a retrieval system by any means (electronic or mechanical); maligning CCI staff, students or alumni; and using any information or photos contained in this directory for any private, commercial or political solicitation, mailing by post or electronic means. 在线社区的成员需要遵守隐私声明和可接受的使用政策. CCI有权暂停任何不以负责任的方式使用在线社区所包含的信息或违反隐私声明和可接受的使用政策的学院社区成员的访问或特权.

Email Preferences

永利皇宫登录网址使用电子邮件与永利皇宫登录网址的社区交流,其中包括在校学生和他们的家庭成员, as well as event guests, vendors and prospective families. 永利皇宫登录网址遵守《永利皇宫登录网址》(GDPR)和《澳门永利手机登录官网》(CASL),并确保永利皇宫登录网址的电子通讯尽可能切合实际和简明扼要. You can manage your email preferences at any time.

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